Smart Temperature Display Water Bottle 304 Stainless Steel 500ml for kids

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Smart Temperature Display Water 304 Stainless Steel 500ml Bottle for kids

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  • WATERPROOF LED DISPLAY : Waterproof LED display that can be completely submerged in water. Just touch the LED screen and the temperature of the liquid will show on the LED screen. You do not have to test the temperature with your mouth or risk to get burn. TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: LED Temperature display will last up to 80,000 touches without a battery change. That’s 5+ years of usage!
  • THE PERFECT DRINK IN EVERY SCENARIO : This wildly popular bottle can be used at home, work, at the gym, for sports, in your car, at the beach, camping, hiking, travelling & just about any other activity you can dream up! What can be stored inside? Most drinks – including water, tea, coffee & wine. It is ideal for outings and office work.
  • HIGH QUALITY & VACUUM INSULATED: Food grade 304 stainless steel on both inside and outside walls, Combining premium stainless steel with ultra-modern double-walled vacuum technology, you get both style and substance, fashion, and function. Free of BPA materials, chemical toxins, or metallic aftertaste transfer.
  • ICE COLD OR PIPING HOT, YOUR CHOICE: This elegant companion is guaranteed to keep your drink HOT for 12 hours or COLD for 24 hours.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: With this reusable, long-lasting bottle you are actively reducing the waste of disposable bottles. Which is better for both, your wallet and nature as well, less plastic bottles is definitely a good thing for planet earth.


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