Enhancing your security through Wi-Fi dome camera

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Enhancing your security through a Wi-Fi dome camera

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Now administration of the institution can keep an eye on the performance of the management and make sure all the work is done timely. Following are the benefits of the dome camera- 


  • You get a maximum storage duration of video files : 1 month if total capacity is less than 64 GB; 3 months if total capacity is between 64 GB & 128 GB (excluding 128 GB); 6 months if total capacity is more than or equals to 128 GB. 
  • A hidden, dome shaped device that could fit in any corner of the room. 
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 
  • Compatible with multiple platforms such as computer, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 
  • Sends instant notification in case any unrecognized motion is detected. 
  • Quickly configure any operating system. 
  • Provides 24X7 coverage, at the ease of device of your choice. 



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